T-1, 1970-71

Known for its unique integral nib and use of the space-age metal titanium, the T-1 shares certain characteristics from the Parker 75 such that it is a member of the 75 family tree.  First and foremost, the barrel thread is the same so that 75 sections will fit onto a T-1 barrel.  But unlike the Premier, even the cap and barrel are shaped like a 75.

Here is a view comparing the two fountain pens.  Please note that the picture was taken at an angle with the 75 closer to the camera so it appears larger.  In reality the barrel can cap sizes are the same and the 75 section/nib is only slightly larger than the T-1.


Here is a close-up of the section/nib including one from a normal 75.   

While it is not obvious in the above photograph, the 75 sections are slightly different -- the one for the Titanium 75 has more threading.  The reason for this becomes apparent if you ever try to put a normal 75 section onto a titanium barrel and try to cap it close.

Without the extra thread, the normal 75 section sits a bit too high in the barrel and capping it will leave a noticeable gap between the cap and the barrel.


Here are the differences between the T-1 different and the 75 in addition to the apparent difference in section and nib shown above.

Examination of the feather portion of the clip shows that the ridges on the T-1 are finer than those on the 75.  Also the size of the feathers are longer on the T-1.


Besides the red jewel on the end of the cap tassie of the T-1, it also differs from the 75 in that there are not stacked rings.


In order for the T-1 FP to be capped, the section has spring-loaded protrusions that catch the cap.  This is what makes the cap remain on the pen.


The Parker 75 has no such protrusions, instead relying upon a slip clutch spring with 4 extended 'fingers' inside the cap, one being visible at 2 o'clock in the picture.  These fingers slip over the 75 section to keep the cap on the pen.

From this angle, also notice the difference in the arrowhead.  The Titanium 75 arrowhead is 'rounder' than that of the T-1.


The T-1 inner cap.


The titanium 75, like other 75 FPs, has a slip clutch spring with the 4 extended fingers to grip the 75 section collar.


Update of 05-31-2011

Here is an unusual find --- a cap jewel in yellow!


Update of 12-31-2011

Here is a prototype fountain in stainless steel.  Click on the image to go directly to the webpage with more pictures.