Ambassador, 1966 & 1978



Parallel lines whose grooves were filled with black enamel. Click here for detail view.


Sterling silver

Prototype in solid 14K gold

Availability (model #)

Fountain pen (#189-100), ball pen




This model was first private-labeled by several jewelers including Tiffany (model #203-000), Saks Fifth Avenue, and others. (The Tiffany version had sterling silver clip and end tassies, while the Parker and Saks versions had these trim in goldplate.) These jewelers began selling this model in 1966, many years before Parker began selling it under then own name. These early models had flat end tassies. Parker documents state that the model with chrome trim and antiqued by the black enamel in the lines was made exclusively for Tiffany.

In 1978 Parker released the Ambassador with its own name marked on the cap (shown above as the bottom-most FP). While it had the chrome trim and black enamel in the lines like the Tiffany, the tassies became dimpled.  Also noticeable in the above sample is the version where Parker name which is not on the front under the clip  but instead was moved to the back of the cap.  A version with the Parker name in front does exist.

Update of 06-30-2012

A Tiffany Ambassador in solid 14K exists!  Click on the picture to see more photographs of this pen.