Italian Market

For some reason, the Italian market was treated in a special way with distinctive packages for several Parker 75s.  These include special certificates and wooden boxes with artistic designs for the outer and inner lids.  Perhaps Parker France thought they needed this up-scale approach to break successfully sell the 75s and other Parker pens in Italy.  I don't know exactly and would love to receive email from anyone who might have some information on this subject.

While the packaging was different, the pen was still made in France and so inscribed.

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Update of 06-30-2007

The hallmark consisting of a small star, a number followed by letters shown above was added as required by law in Italy to identify the Italian silversmith that imported the Parker pen.  The number after the star is registered to a particular company and the letters abbreviate the city of its location.  

In particular "483 FI" was registered to API di FANTUCCI UMBERTO S.p.A. with an address of Via Ricasoli,  44 in Firenze.  This company was Parker's Italian importer and distributor.  

The city Firenze is the Italian name of Florence, a city with a rich history in art and architecture, which is often considered as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.