Écorce, 1968 - ?



Basketweave or bark-like pattern. Click here for detail view.


Goldplate and silverplate over brass





The word "écorce" is French for "bark".

There was a Boucheron Écorce made in sterling silver with this designation but it looks like a very different tree was used as the sample bark pattern.


Update of 06-30-2009

Here is the BP version of the Boucheron bark-like pattern.

One thing different is that this BP is 100% Parker without any Boucheron name inscribed on the thin cap band as can be seen below.  The implication is that this pen was also sold as a Parker.


Also note the content as inscribed on the barrel with AG 925 and the Parker diamond logo.  Ag is the chemical symbol for silver and 925 represents the 92.5% content for sterling silver.

The Boucheron name is very faint but you can just barely make it out in the right-most picture above.  You can see the Bouc towards the right end of the cap band ring, with the B scripted like the Greek beta character.

Another interesting item is the (serial?) number 4863 on the tassie, along with the diamond Parker logo and a hallmark that appears to be the eagle's head to indicate it is 18K gold.  Perhaps it is not an eagle's head since I find it very odd a solid 18K gold tassie would be placed on a sterling silver pen.