Grain d'Orge, 1971 - ?



Barleycorn. Click here for detail view.


Silverplate over brass
Goldplate over brass

Availability (model #)

Fountain pen in goldplate (#535-100), ball pen
Fountain pen in silverplate and rhodium (#540-100) and ball pen


1992: FP - $125; BP - $75

1993: FP - $130; BP - $80


Member of the Place Vendōme series.

Early versions of the plated Grain d'Orge had the micron thickness inscribed around the cap band, 20µ for the goldplate and 30µ for the silverplate. While most had indented end tassies, these early versions had flat end tassies and sported a gold-plated section ring, making them especially prized among collectors.

Later versions of the silverplated Grain d'Orge has goldplated trim as shown above.