Ink convertors

Starting with the Parker 45, Parker fountain pen owners had the flexibility of choosing to use convenient and disposable ink cartridges or the less expensive bottled ink.  To use bottled ink, an ink convertor had to be placed into the fountain pen.

The Parker 75 fountain pens borrowed the filling system from the popular, though low-end 45 series. This filling system continued to be used in all subsequent Parker fountain pens including the modern Duofold FPs, and they were mostly interchangeable though some thin barrel models (e.g. Parker 180) could only accept the slimmer convertors.

The following ink convertors have been found on various 75s that I own. They are shown in approximate chronological order with the slim and large aerometric models being found on the earliest Parker 75 FPs.


Large aerometric

Perhaps this slim aerometric was introduced with the slender Parker 180.

Large aerometric 2

Slim aerometric 2

Twist piston

Slide piston filler which will also fit in the Parker 180.

While these ink convertors all work quite well, I recommend avoid using the aerometric varieties when traveling in airplanes. Due to the use of a rubber sac, the changes in ambient pressure may cause the ink to leak.  I have never had such a mishap using the twist piston convertor.