Prototype 33 - Solid 18K Basketweave

Here is yet another apparent variant of the basketweave 75 FP in two-color 18K gold.  This time it is customized with a tendril design on the cap that sweeps from under the clip to converge near the open end.  There between the point of convergence and the open end of the cap is a diamond accent.

Examining the above close-up give some doubt to it being and actual weave since there are no real irregularities in the criss-crossing of the different bands.  Especially given the placement of the diamond and the tendrils, this pen's pattern may actually impressed rather than woven.

Here is a close-up of the cap, with the hallmarks for 18K gold.

Unlike the other prototype, this one has a clip that is a close facsimile of the Parker 75 clip.  The same, however, cannot be said of the tassie.

This pen was auctioned at Cooper Owen auction house in London, UK on December 13, 2002.  The final hammer price was GBP 550.  After adding the 15% buyer's commission and 17.5% VAT, the final price is around GBP 745 or US $1,185.