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This is the only update to the Parker 75 reference for all of 2013.  

The year started out with very little material to add in world of Parker 75s.  Happily by the Columbus Pen Show, I was faced with a flood of interesting 75-related items!  This update represents only a small portion of this new material, which I hope to add throughout 2014.

As usual, my good friends Lee Chait and Tsachi Mitsenmacher provided me with access to their wonderful 75-related items.  Lee had lots of prototype 75s made of aluminum and sterling silver.  Tsachi had the knife, Premier prototypes in laque, a letter that confirms the end of 75 production in the USA, and another early 75 FP brochure.  

I am so grateful to them both for their many contributions to this website over the years without which I have far less material to share with you.  Thank you Lee and Tsachi!

As always, I welcome your feedback, corrections and criticisms about my website.  I am interested in hearing from you especially if you have some 75 that you don't see here.  Even better if you can send me photos that I may share, or if you want to sell it to me!  :-)  And if you are looking for a particular 75, need parts, or have questions, don't hesitate to email me at the LTW@Parker75.com address.

Thank you for visiting!  Best wishes for a 2014 that brings you much happiness, good health and some interesting 75s to all!


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