Zebra pattern.


Solid 18K (?) white gold





Sold under the Boucheron label, perhaps exclusively so, this is a most elusive pattern to find in a 75 and I have never personally seen it.  This sample was found in an auction catalog held in Paris in 1991.  The catalog was entitled "The Ted Lapidus Collection".  Though I have not seen a Parker-labeled zebra 75, this not mean it does not exist.

The description loosely translated is "Ornamentally designed pen in solid  white gold with (striking) stripe enamels.  A broad nib fountain pen, a felt-tip pen, and a ball pen."  The original item description was in French - "Parure de stylos en or blanc massif et émaux en zébrures (exceptionnel).  Un stylo plume large, un stylo feutre, un stylo bille."