Premier series, 1983 - 1991

I consider this a branch off the Parker 75 family tree.  My reasoning is that the barrel and cap, while apparently different, can fit the very same section (fountain pen, felt-tip, and rollerball) as the 75 line.  Evidently the barrel threads and inner cap are the same as the 75.

This series was introduced to the European market on September 12, 1983 at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo.  Made in the Parker Meru factory (see exception), this was to be the luxury version to the 75.  It was slightly longer and with a larger diameter, the Premier was designed to be a higher-end (read expensive) model.  It has an elegant look to it with its black, flat jeweled end tassies made out of onyx, and faceted rings that make it sparkle in the light.

These faceted rings are located:


at the closed end of the cap,


the mid-section (actually the cap's open end),


and the barrel.


While the cap and barrel had been upgraded and made more luxurious, at its core the Premier used the same nib as the 75.  While the sections also had been uplifted by gold accents, the threading was the 75 so that Premier and 75 sections are interchangeable.  In fact, many times I see Premiers with 75 sections to the point that perhaps even Parker sold them that way.

There is also a Premier desk set configured in 1-pen and 2-pen versions.  Naturally there were also several prototypes found over the years and you can see those on this page.



There were only a limited number of patterns and finishes that were made at introduction:

Sterling silver


Solid 18K gold Presidential



Solid 9K gold


Click here to see the packaging for these Presidential models


Stripe lacque and 22K GP, commonly known as the Athenes

22K GP Grain d'Orge


SP Grain d'Orge


Chinese lacquer with speckles


And later, when the lacque and goldplate Athenes model was dropped, a black epoxy (not really a lacquer) was added.



Interestingly, all Premier models were offered to company stockholders immediately after their introduction. This offer was made in the quarterly report issued on October 17, 1983 and gave a preferential discount of 50%.


I surmise the last year of Premier as being 1991. This is based upon its absence from a Parker Retail Price List of 1992 while it does appear in a 1990 Parker holiday wholesale price list.  At the very end the only models available were (in decreasing order or prices):

Yes folks, the Chinese lacquer model was more expensive than the sterling silver!

Update of October 9, 2004

Here is a dealer wall display proudly showing four different models of the Premier FP.

From left-to-right, they are:

  1. Chinese laque

  2. Silverplated Grain d'Orge

  3. Athenes

  4. Sterling silver grid


Update of Dec 31, 2007

Here is an interesting Premier — one that was made in the United Kingdom!  

UK-made Premier Noir

More pictures of the UK Premier can be seen by clicking on the photo above.

Update of 10-14-2008

A prototype sterling grid BP was found without the usual faceted rings.  Check it out by clicking on the image below.


Update of 06-30-2009

The Book was a special wooden package for the Premier sold in Japan.  Click either image above or here for more details.


Update of 05-31-2011

Here are several prototypes in different writing modes: FP, RB, and MP: