Parker 75 Ephemera & Paraphernalia

This page contains scanned paper materials and other non-paper items relating to the Parker 75 series.  

Some of these pages are quite large in size, the largest being about 200K.  They are large so you can have enough detail to easily read the printing.  Please be patient to download these images.


Printing Date

Description / Comments

Sep 1964

Earliest Parker 75 marketing brochure.

June 1965

Brochures and warranty card from the earliest Parker 75 FP package.

July 1965

Brochure showing the 75 FP with metal threaded gripping section


UK marketing literature for the sterling silver grid FP stating that the clip was made of 9K gold.


1966 wallet calendar picturing the sterling silver crosshatch grid 75 FP.  Printed by Parker for the Shriro Trading Co., Ltd.  I wonder why Parker would go to such lengths for another company?  Could this company have been their Japanese distributor or major customer at the time? 

Oct 1966

Brochure entitled Why the Parker 75 is unique among pens

Owners' manual for the sterling crosshatch fountain pen. 

Aug 1967

Owners' manual for the sterling Keepsake fountain pen. 

  Aug 1968

Booklet entitled Parker, gift they want, they need, they'll use 

Late 60s? 

Flyer entitled Luxury of Choice

  Mar 1970

Brochure entitled The World's Finest Pen: Parker 75 showing on page 4 that flat tassies were still available as late as this printing.

Early 70s?

Flyers Place Vendôme BPs in goldplate and silverplate

 Feb 1971

 Personalization kit to place circular initial stickers onto the depression on the dished tassie.


Brochure entitled The perfect $5, $12.50, $25, or $30 business gift is a Parker

May 1975

Dealer materials for the Bicentennial limited edition pens

June 1978

Packet for The Heritage Collection, consisting of the jacket that contains the following single sheet, double-sided brochures.

One interesting item to note is that the Ambassador pencil uses the older twist mechanism, while the Presidential pencil uses the newer push-button mechanism.  As a result, the Presidential BP and pencil barrels are actually use the same components and only the refills were different!

Late 1970s, pre-1979

Product catalog showing full line.

Late 70s or Early 80s? 

Product brochure for the Laque Collection from the UK.

Early 1980s

Product catalog showing full line.

Aug 1980

Untitled brochure showing thuya brown laque and sterling models 

Mar 1988

Product brochure for the complete family of writing instruments and accessories from the UK

Post 1983

Hallmarks used in Parker pens