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Updated: December 31, 2013

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This project reflects my attempt to document the Parker 75 family of writing instruments, focusing on the fountain pens. When I started this in mid-1998, I did not realize just how extensive this family actually was. From the great variety of patterns to the many different materials used for the cap and barrel, during the 30-year production, there are so many different Parker 75s that new pens are still being discovered. To the new Parker 75 collector, this great variety makes for quite an opportunity to start, however for the long-time collector, it makes the job of completing the collection more difficulty, and perhaps, more fun.

This website started as my first attempt at publishing this reference material. Undoubtedly there are still many facts left unturned. I invite any and all of you who can offer additional information or pictures to contact me via email. Hopefully with your additions, I may include them in this project and make it a comprehensive site on Parker 75s.

Of the information I did find, I must admit that much of it came from others more knowledgeable than myself. To them, I express my sincere gratitude for sharing with me their knowledge, insight, and images. Most notable among these people are the most frequent contributors whose names are highlighted:

Marco Antonetto

Bonhams Auctions

Terry Bose

Geof Barker

Mike Carter

Lee H. Chait

Glen Christensen


Saul Davis

Bernard Delotte

Mike Dvoretz

Howard Edelstein

Vince Fatica

Doug Flax

C. Eric Fonville

Peter Ford

L. Michael Fultz

Giuseppe Gagliano

Simon Gray


Derry Harding

Shlomo Harel

Graham Hill

L. Graham Hogg

Mark Hoover

Mary Hughes-Greer



Carlos Kaplan

Mohamed Khediri

Don Lavin

Di Ming Lee

Gary Lehrer

Mike Lewandowski

John McCloskey


Matt McColm

Francis Meinhardt

Tsachi Mitsenmacher

John Mottishaw

Nick Olmos-Lau

Stephen Overbury

Geoffrey Parker


Mark Peysakhovich

Ralph Prather

Len Provisor


Mike Quitt

Michael Richter

Jon Rosenbaum

Thierry Saada

Humberto Sanches

Daniel Sedwick

Duncan Sewell

Larry Shelton

Mike Smarinsky

Lynn Sorgatz

Darek Sott

Bob Speerbrecher

Robert Whitehead

Susan Wirth

Sim Wurzberger


Dan Zazove

Israel Zigerson



It is through the generosity of such people that make this curious hobby so interesting.

Finally a note about the images that you see on this site. Many were supplied by people who were kind enough to give me permission to use them in this project. Their photo contributions required time and effort to take these pictures, and they let me share them with you. I ask that you please respect their copyrights; do not use these photos for your personal gain. If you must share the photos, please do so by referring people to this site.  If you have other uses in mind, please write to me and ask.

Thank you for cooperating.


Lih-Tah Wong


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