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Item # S050803-01

Description: Goldplated Treasure Gold Prototype BP

Price: $650  $450

This cap-actuated 75 BP is a prototype of the Treasure Gold stippled pattern that is extremely scarce.  Being a prototype, this is even harder to find.  

This pen was original acquired in its unfinished brass state without any goldplating (available again for sale here); the texture is rough to the touch.  I then had it professionally goldplated (heavy plating using 23K gold) to match the Treasure Gold version.

Notice that no cap band area is present and there are no inscription of any kind (Parker name, logo, country of origin, etc.)   Also the clip has the smaller arrowhead with the tassie being flat and the size of the FP tassie.  This gives us a clue as to when the prototype was assembled which I would guess is some time before ~1971 when the supply of the early clips and flat tassies was depleted.

For comparison, here are pictures of the Treasure Gold FP+BP set taken from the Reference section.  Notice there is a cap band which the prototype BP does not have.


Take a closer look at the cap tassie.  Had this pen been fitted with the smooth tassie of the Treasure Gold, it would be what Parker gave as retirement gifts.  Clearly, this BP tassie is from the 75 family since it has the familiar stacked concentric rings.

Its size is unusual since it slightly larger than the normal BP tassie -- 8mm versus 7mm.  This makes it about the size of the 75 FP tassie!


Condition is brand new, BP only.  Since it is a prototype, there is no packaging available.


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