Basketweave pattern. Click here for detail view.


Solid 18K gold




Designed by LeFevre and sold by Boucheron, Cartier, and possibly others, this is a very rare pattern to find in a 75 probably because it was made of solid gold.  Though I have not a Parker-labeled basketweave 75, this not mean it does not exist.


Update of 08-31-01

I was fortunate to find another 18K solid gold basketweave, though it may be a prototype with a slightly different pattern.  


Update of 12-31-02

Yet another prototype variant was found, this time it is customized with a small diamond on the back of the cap!  

See more details here.

Here is a picture of the a similar pen on auction in 1991.

The description interestingly credits this as being by Boucheron.  Loosely translated it said "Exceptional ornamental design in a pen by Boucheron.  Fountain pen and ball pen in solid 18K gold, rolled and braided.  Broad nib, excellent condition."


Update of 06-27-04

I have been fortunate to locate the Boucheron basketweave 75 BP in solid 18K described in the 1991 auction above!  Click on the picture below to see more details of this pen.