Chevron, 1970 - ????



Triple row of chevrons alternating with flat, smooth stripes.


Sterling silver
Solid 18K gold





The cap tassie of the sterling version has a dark colored cabochon, while barrel tassie is dimpled.  I originally thought this pattern was a variant of the Fougère but I found a solid 18K gold version with my website update of Feb 28, 2002.  This gold version was the one that Howard Edelstein wrote in his 1993 Parker 75 article in Pen World magazine.  As a result, I am now quite certain that this pattern is called the Chevron.

Another interesting difference between this Chevron and the Fougère is the number of straight lines you see around the pen.  The Fougère has only 6 while this model has 4.  Here is a side-by-side comparison of the Chevron and Fougère patterns.  These subtle differences in pattern, triple versus single rows is very similar to that found in the Ecossais and Prince de Galles.

For close-up pictures of the solid 18K gold version, click here.


Update of 10-14-2008

Here is a slight variant of the sterling silver Chevron BP with the lines filled with some black material.

You can see the black more clearly in this close-up.