Ecossais, 1971 - ?

Updated: 09-30-2008



Crosshatch grid but without regular grid spacing. Click here for detail view.


Silverplate over brass
Goldplate over brass

Availability (model #)

Fountain pen in silverplate and rhodium (#542-100) and ball pen
Fountain pen in goldplate (#553-100) and ball pen




Member of the Place Vendôme series. Goldplate version was introduced in the US in 1973.  The word "ecossais" is French for "Scottish", as the pattern is reminiscent of the plaid pattern commonly used in Scotland.

This pattern was originally and mistakenly shown on this website as the denser version of the Prince de Galles.  This is an easy mistake to make, but the Ecossais is much earlier than the Prince de Galles.  The difference between these two models can be seen by using the banding pattern on the FP cap as reference.  The Prince de Galles has 7 grid bands while the Ecossais has 11.  See this side-by-side comparison of these two models.