Prince de Galles, 1976 - ?

Updated: 09-30-2008



Crosshatch grid but without regular grid spacing. Click here for detail view.



Availability (model #)

Fountain pen (in 1976, #604-100) felt-tip (in 1977, #604-200), and ballpoint pen




Member of the Place Vendôme series, the name is French for Prince of Wales.

I found some conflicting information on this model in Parker documents. From Parker France, this model is listed as being made in 1968, however, Parker US shows that it was also made in 1976 as model #604-100.  Further evidence of the later date of 1976 was found in a catalog for the Parker pen archive showing an entry year of 1977.

It is very easy to mistake this model with the Ecossais and, for a few months, this site also made the same error. The difference between this model and the Ecossais is the banding that appears not as dense. Specifically, if one uses the banding seen on the FP cap as reference, the Prince de Galles has 7 grid bands while the Ecossais has 11.  See this side-by-side comparison of these two models.