Insignia, 1965 - 1978



Cross-hatch square grid made of vertical and horizontal lightly engraved lines, equally spaced to form square patterns. The lines were not filled with any material. Click here for detail view.


14K goldfilled over brass.  Marked mostly with "Parker 14K GF Cap and Barrel U.S.A." and in smaller numbers "Parker 1/11 14k G.F. Cap and Barrel U.S.A.".

22K goldplate over brass with later US version I call Insignia II that hand no inscription about gold fill.

Availability (model #)

Fountain pen (#174-000), soft-tip (#174-201), ball pen




According to internal Parker documents, another variant of this pattern was introduced in 1975 and was called the Insignia II. Its model number was 582-100 for the FP and 582-200 for the felt-tip. If you know what difference this variant had, please email me.

There were many small variations in the cap of this model. I have found at least 4 different caps with changes in the clip, cap band engraving, and tassie. Click here to see them.

Early models came with flat tassies, which were later changed to dished versions.


Insignia II - Update of December 18, 2005

Here is a later version of the original Insignia.  While still made in the USA, the differences over the earlier version include: