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Why collect 75s?

My start with them actually goes back to 1974 when I found one in an empty lecture hall in college.  It was very unusual that I happen to get to my long-emptied classroom early, let alone one in quantum mechanics!  The pen was a sterling silver Parker 75 fountain pen in the classic crosshatch grid pattern.  

Fast-forward twenty-three years to 1997.

I found this long-forgotten pen in my desk and decided to give it a try.  After inking it I  re-discovered the joy of using fountain pens.  In sharp contrast to the BPs I used, my 75 wrote so smoothly I barely had to press nib to paper!

When my interest expanded and I wanted to buy another fountain pen, it was then that I learned that there was a fascinating group of people who actually collected writing instruments!  Realizing that I could not afford to buy all kinds of pens, I focused my energies on what I already had.  Even then, it seemed like there were so many different 75 models to choose from.  Little did I know how many!

I have put together this little presentation to summarize what I have learned and to give you an answer to this question.  It was delivered by Tsachi Mitsenmacher at the July 4th, 2003 meeting of the Israeli Pen Club with the theme being American-made pens.  In celebration of the US holiday, they had a special guest in attendance -- Mr. Daniel Kertzer, the US Ambassador to Israel.

You can read more about this this meeting in a review (with pictures) posted by Dov Randel and Jonathan Donahaye by clicking here.



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