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Last update: 12-31-2011

Pen Displays

These are custom-made acrylic pen stands that are available in two basic variations where the pens either stand vertically or lay down horizontally.  Samples of these are shown below in various sizes.

The prices are based simply on how many pens the stand can accommodate.  Click here for ordering and payment information.

# of pens Vertical US $ Horizontal US $ Stepped $ Bridge US $
Single $4 each or 6 for $20 Set of 4 staggered heights $20
1 to 3  $18 $18 $18 $18
4 to 9 $30 $40 $40 $30
10 to 15 $35 $45 $45 $45

NOTE: In the pictures shown below, the pen(s) are not included in the sale of these acrylic stands.

Model #  Price   
W4S - Waterman 4-pc set $25
P1W - Parker name wedge $5
P1S - Parker single pen stand.

Comes in two sizes with tall end standing about 1 inch and 1.5 inches high.

1" - $10

1.5" - $12 

A1S - Single pen stand,
~ 1x1x 0.75 inch
with V-groove
$4 each; 6 for $20  
A4S - Set of 4 acrylic pen
 stands with V-groove.
Heights are approximately
0.75, 1.25, 1.5, and 2 inches.

Comes in clear or frosted acrylic.

A1V - Single pen vertically Varies, see price table above


A2V - Two pens vertically Varies, see price table above


A3H - Three pens horizontally 
in the same plane


A6S - 6 pens in stepped horizontal Varies, see price table above


A7V - 7 pens vertically Varies, see price table above


A9B - 10 pens in a bridge design Varies, see price table above



Storage Box

These plastic slotter tray boxes were used by Parker to keep their inventory of pens.  As you can see the top half is a clear plastic piece that lets you see the pens you have.

The dimensions are approximately 7.50 x 6.25 x 0.75 inches and it can accommodate 10 pens.  Each slot is approximately 0.55 inch wide and 6.5 inches long.  While slightly tight in the width, I am able to fit a Duofold Centennial fountain pen in the slot.

 Price is $5 each, or 5 for $20.


Storage Tubes

Do you want a way to show your pride- and- joy pens to your pen friends without getting fingerprints all over your nice, clean specimen?  Here is the perfect way to accomplish this -- clear PVC pen tubes with twist expandability.  

These come with two Inner diameter sizes of 0.47 inch (12mm ST-12) and 0.78 inch (20mm ST-20) with a length that varies from 4.75 to 7.875 inches.  The bottom end is hexagonal so you can set it onto a flat surface without the tube rolling.

Shown above with a Parker Premier Athenes FP as an example in the ST-12 smaller size tube (obviously excluded from this item).  ST-12 tube will fit all writing modes of Parker 75s, Premiers, and T-1, etc. 

When you measure your pen, please include the clip.

Prices are:

ST-12: $1 each, 12 for $10

ST-20: $1.50 each, 10 for $12



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