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Patrick Dieth

Last updated: 10-19-2008

With few exceptions, the pen sellers that I have dealt with are honest.  But here is one that I have to warn all of you about.  I am going to document the history of my dealings with this German pen seller who took my money and never shipped me anything.  Worse yet, his delaying tactics meant that I could not report him to PayPal as it was past the 45-day limit.

I have broken this story into the following chapters:

  1. The offer
  2. The payment
  3. The long wait
  4. The long silence
  5. The news from others
  6. Writing Equipment Society Journal entry

If you read all this, then you can draw your own conclusion.  I have learned the lesson, and I advise you to avoid any dealings with Patrick Dieth.

Here is news of Mr. Dieth's 2008 scamming activities.


The offer

Sunday Feb 20, 2005

I get this unsolicited email from Patrick:

Dear Sir,

I'm a German pen collector and I'm willing to sell a Parker 75 "Place Vendme" DAMIER Set, with Fountain Pen and matching "Fibre Tip"-Rollerball. The Set is in MINT Condition and still has the Sticker on it. Only thing is that the inlet of the fibre tip is empty and I wasn't able to get a new one here in Germany.

In case that you are interested in purchasing, please make me an offer. I will gladly send you some nice pictures of it too.

In point of sending, I'm maybe able to send it first and you were able to pay after recieving.

Best, Patrick

Tuesday Feb 22, 2005

I respond to say that I am interested:

Hello Patrick.

I am interested and would like to see pictures of this set. Please photograph them at your convenience as I am in no rush.

In the meantime, can you just answer the following questions:

1. On the top of each cap, is there a dark cabochon? 

2. What price range would you consider fair?


Forty minutes later Patrick responds and his email contains attached photographs as I requested:

Hello Lih-Tah,

well, the cabochons are black and look like black achat or something like that. I have had some pictures at my pc, so I included them with this email. I also offered this Set to some UK based Pen sellers (I`m a WES Member by myself too), so I will sell it to the first one who likes it. My price idea is 400 Euros for both pens. And due to that I payed 350Euros for it by myself a year ago, I'm afraid I can't do them much lesser.

Best, Patrick

I immediately reply with more questions:

Hello Patrick.

Thank you for replying so quickly and providing me with the pictures.

The pens look very nice. I do have some questions regarding the fibre-tip pen.

1. When the cap is closed on the fibre-tip pen, is the very same length as the closed fountain pen? 

2. Can the section from the two pens be interchanged and fit properly? 

3. Would you be willing to sell just the fountain pen alone?


And Patrick quickly replies:

Hello Lih-Tah,

the pens are both the same size and as they are lying in front off me now, the sections are interchargeable. I think I can't sell the pen alone, because after that, I think noone is interested in the fibre tip alone....

Best, Patrick

At this point, the email were very cordial and it looks like we can make this deal, so I quickly write back:

Hello Patrick,

If the fibre tip pen can fit the fountain pen section, then I agree to your price of EUR 400.

How do we proceed with this transaction? I am located in the USA and you can send the pens to me at my office address of: 

Lih-Tah Wong / CMS
20300 Civic Center Drive #300
Southfield, MI 48076


Two hours later Patrick replies:

Hello Lih-Tah,

sending the pens to the USA isn`t a problem. I can send them with official german post as insured and registered air mail. This is trackable and takes around 5 buisness days to get to you. 

I think the best way to go on now will be a particular payment with paypal of 150Euros at first and I will send the pens after that. When the pens are there, you can pay the rest amount of 250Euros later. This will be best, because both of us are on the safe. 

As said, I'm a member of the british "Writing Equipment Society" and if you need, you can ask the secretary Charles Whitehead (cobandpens) at first if there are any doubts in point of my serios or honesty.

Best, Patrick

And adds:


My Paypal ID is:


Next episode - The Payment





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